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Part 1: The Ideal Lover (The Art of Seduction)

Most people have broken dreams, ideas about people or reality that they had in their youth that could not be satisfied. Ideal lover’s thrive on people’s broken dream. If you seek romance or adventure, the ideal lover will be there to reflect your fantasy.

Casanova might be the most successful seducer in history, few women could resist him.

He had a simple method, he studied the woman he was after, went along with her moods, figured out what she was missing, and provided it. The bored wife that needed adventure and romance needed someone to sacrifice time and comfort for her.

The main dangers in the role of the Ideal Lover are the consequences that arise if you let reality creep in. You are creating a fantasy that involves an idealization of your own character. And this is a precarious task, for you are human, and imperfect.

The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene

"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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