About Unearned Wisdom

Wisdom is usually unearned, it is passed down to us in the form of knowledge. Wisdom is earned only after it is a result of personal experience, and for this reason, it is rare. But wisdom is not only rare, it is invaluable.

But lack of wisdom is a defect that can be resolved. And it is my aim to help resolve it. By subscribing to Unearned Wisdom, you will become a part of this mission.


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Unearned Wisdom is a for profit website, that aims to market and critique great books by other authors. Advertising will not be used since it disrupts the reader’s experience, in my opinion. But, if you make a purchase after clicking on some links, I make a small commission, at no cost to you. In this way, you will be contributing to this project. Books that will be created in the future by myself will also be sold through this website. A great way you can contribute to Unearned Wisdom is to spread the word. Enjoy your stay.