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Part 2: Use Spiritual Lures (The Art of Seduction)

People are insecure about their bodies and their real lives. To seduce them, transport them somewhere else. Make them believe that your union is a kind of spiritual destiny, that it goes beyond the base desires of regular people. 

Focus on ideals such as beauty or the sublime or sadness or truth. Show that you are tired of the banalities of a world that is so tightly controlled, that you have depths to your character that elevate you from petty concerns. And act as if fate is controlling you, or some higher power, and together you can briefly escape reality. 

Come back to take me, quickly, and lead me far away. Purify me with a great fire of divine love, none of the animal kind. You are all soul when you want to be, when you feel it, take me far away from my body.


"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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