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Part 2: Strategy (Models)


Rejection is painful, but it’s good. It keeps people who are not good for each other apart. Guys don’t understand that if a woman rejects him for his hair or personality, then he wouldn’t have wanted a relationship with her anyway.

Don’t approach a woman you don’t find attractive. It’s not practice, it’s desperation.

Women are either receptive, unreceptive, or neutral. She is unreceptive if she does not reciprocate signs of interest and shows disinterest. If you invite her out, and she brings her friend, she’s unreceptive.

Neutral is hard to understand for men because we don’t have it. Women are not as decisive, and spend more time being unsure about a guy.

But women never stay in this category. Eventually, they will polarize. If you don’t make a move, she will definitely polarize towards Unreceptive.

It’s possible to have experiences with women without initiating, but unless you are very good looking or have a great lifestyle, not many women will initiate with you, and not very often.

Most women, especially hot women, won’t initiate with you even if they are attracted to you.

A mistake many men make is that they try to convince an Unreceptive woman to become Receptive. It’s a waste of time and ineffective.

The Friend Zone usually occurs when a man meets a Receptive or Neutral woman but never make a move.

Many women will respond with attraction to just a mad who is bold and willing to make a move. Men fear that they will be rejected. They will be, and sometimes these will be harsh rejections, but they don’t occur as frequently as most men think.

The biggest mental hurdle for these men is to be able to handle rejection.

Honest Action

The consummate Nice Guy has approach anxiety, they always try to keep things smooth and pleasant. But this man is operating on other people’s truths, not their own. If they were aware and valued their own desires and needs, they would have nothing to be afraid of.

If your passion is art and you work in an insurance company, you have compromised your identity. This displays neediness and lack of vulnerability.

Honest Action is doing what you want, whether choosing a career, or choosing who to approach.

Connected and Fearless

Men are usually somewhere in between two extremes. Some are socially connected, and for that reason, they are anxious around women they find attractive, because they are too aware of what they are thinking. Others are socially unaware, and for that reason, they are fearless.

The anxious type don’t instigate interactions, but if they do, they will often be successful because they are emotionally connected.

The socially unaware type, usually someone more invested in their own interests than in people, will have no problem instigating, they are fearless, but will find it difficult to connect with the other person.

Be fearless and socially connected at the same time.

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"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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