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Part 2: Prove Yourself (The Art of Seduction)

Most people want to be seduced. If they resist you, it is because you have not gone far enough to prove the depth of your feelings, and the honesty of your motives. One well-timed action can dispel their doubts. Don’t worry about looking foolish. Meet the challenge by doing something extreme or chivalrous, on the other hand, get others to prove themselves by making yourself hard to reach.

One way to prove yourself is through spontaneous action. There will be situations where your target will test you, she will need help, or a problem to solve. You cannot foresee these situations but be ready for them. Impress them by going further than necessary. Rise to the occasion when asked.

Make people compete for your attention in some way, and see who rises to the challenge.

The heat of seduction is raised by such challenges—show me that you really love me. When one person (of either sex) rises to the occasion, often the other person is now expected to do the same, and the seduction heightens. By making people prove themselves, too, you raise your value and cover up your defects. Your targets are too busy trying to prove themselves to notice your blemishes and faults.

The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene

"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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