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Part 2: Keep Them in Suspense – What Comes Next? (The Art of Seduction)

You should not approach seduction like it is a job, you should have fun with it. You are creating drama, so be creative! The best kinds of surprises are those that reveal something new about your character. In the beginning, your target will make assumptions about you, based on appearances, go along with it, this makes the act of surprise more powerful.

This is always the law for the interesting. . . . If one just knows how to surprise, one always wins the game. The energy of the person involved is temporarily suspended; one makes it impossible for her to act.


A child is willful and stubborn and will often do the opposite of what we ask them to, but there is one case in which they will yield. And that is when you promise them a surprise. It may be a present hidden in a box or a game with an unexpected ending, a journey with an unknown destination, or a surprising story. When children await the surprise, their willpower is suspended. We are not very different from children in that sense, we enjoy being led on a journey, where we can suspend judgment and enjoy the ride.

Movies and books can give us this sensation too. The seduced wants to be led like a child. Be too predictable and the charm will wear off.

In the Arabian Tales from the Thousand and One Nights, each night King Shahriyar takes a virgin as his wife, then kills her the following morning. One such virgin, Shahrazad, manages to escape this fate by telling the king a story that can only be completed the following day. She does this night after night, keeping the king in constant suspense. When one story finishes, she quickly starts up another. She does this for nearly three years, until the king finally decides to spare her life. You are like Shahrazad: without new stories, without a feeling of anticipation, your seduction will die.

Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

The only thing to keep in mind is to use surprise sparingly, and to find new ways of surprising your victim.

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