Book Summaries

Chapter 1: Human Nature (The Red Queen)

Page 4

To say that all human motivation can be boiled down to sexual motivation seems an astonishingly hubristic claim. It seems to deny free will, ignore those who choose chastity and portray human beings as programmed robots bent only on procreation. But throughout the book the case is made, that human sexuality is the essential precursor to all human endeavor.

Page 7

Humanity is, of course, morally free to make and remake itself infinitely, but we do not do so. We stick to the same monotonously human pattern of organizing our affairs.

Page 20

Simply put, anything that increases reproductive success will spread at the expense of anything that does not – even if it threatens survival.

For most evolutionary anthropologists now believe that big brains contributed to reproductive success either by enabling men to outwit and outscheme other men (and women to outwit and outscheme other women), or because big brains were originally used to court and seduce members of the other sex.

Page 21

The greatest ‘experts’ our species has produced on the subject of human nature were people like the Buddha and Shakespeare, not scientists or philosophers.

"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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