Below are the archived articles from the Weeks of Wisdom newsletter than runs every Thursday.

Week 1: Read the Classics First

Week 2: Think for Yourself

Week 3: Doubt Yourself

Week 4: Everyone is Biased

Week 5: Don’t Tell People What To Do

Week 6: Should You Be A Fool?

Week 7: Avoid Pointless Journeys

Week 8: Be Wary of Your Impressions

Week 9: Focus On What You Can Control

Week 10: Negative Visualization

Week 11: This is Water

Week 12: Via Negativa

Week 13: Insight Through Contradiction

Week 14: Know When The Mind Is A Terrible Master or Servant

Week 15: Adjust Your Perception of Time and Desire

Week 16: The Anatomy of Fear

Week 17: Develop a Historical Sense

Week 18: Doubt the Triumph of the Civilized Individual 

Week 19: The Denial of Death

Week 20: The Goals Versus The Process

Week 21: The Perception of Time

Week 22: Knowledge Is Not Understanding

Week 23: The Inflated Ego

Week 24: Eros and Thanatos

Week 25: The Defense Against Grandiosity

Week 26: How to Read

Week 27: Self-Deception

Week 28: Be Bored With a Book

Week 29: The Error in Political Correctness

Week 30: Mimetic Desire 

Week 31: The Narcissism of Small Differences 

Week 32: Think Slow

Week 33: Knowledge Without Action

Week 34: Reality Reveals Itself To You

Week 35: First Principles

Week 36: The Precautionary Principle

Week 37: Don’t Try

Week 38: The Taboo of Uncertainty

Week 39: The Dialectic Purpose

Week 40: The Curse of Philosophy

Week 41: The Originality Paradox 

Week 42: In Defense Of Idleness

Week 43: Ascent

Week 44: The Mirage of Self-Knowledge

Week 45: The Profundity of Minutiae