Lists of Top Books


  1. How Does The Brain Work?
  2. How to Understand Statistics?
  3. What is Evolution?
  4. How to Understand Genetics?
  5. What will the Future look like?
  6. What are Critiques of Technology?
  7. How to Understand Mathematics?
  8. How to Eat?
  9. How to Sleep?
  10. How to Breathe?
  11. How to Train?
  12. How to Live Longer?


  1. How to Spot Deception and Bullshit?
  2. What is the Psychology of Buddhism?
  3. How to Fight Addiction?
  4. How To Make Better Decisions?
  5. What is Human Behavior
    What is Intelligence?
  6. How to Become Happy?
  7. What is the History of Ideas?
  8. How to Meditate?
  9. What is Post-Modernism?
  10. What is Jungian Psychology?
  11. What is Mimetic Theory?
  12. What are Critiques of Society?
  13. What is Capitalism?
  14. What is Existentialism?
  15. How to Learn how to Learn?
  16. What is Pragmatism?
  17. How to Build Good Habits?
  18. What is Life?
  19. What is The Self?
  20. How Do We Perceive Time?
  21. What Are The Best Critiques Of Psychiatry?
  22. How Does The Mind Work?
  23. How to Become More Creative?
  24. What is the History of Psychoanalysis?
  25. What is Lacanian Psychology?
  26. How to Write?
  27. What is The Meaning of Life?
  28. What is Propaganda?
  29. What is Consciousness?
  30. What is Anxiety?


  1. How to Make Better Investments?
  2. How to be More Productive?
  3. What is the Attention Economy?
  4. What are the Best Strategies for Business?
  5. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  6. How to Start a Company?
  7. How to Market?
  8. How to Design Games?


  1. What Are The Causes of Conflict?
  2. What are the Great Novels?
  3. What is the History of Religion?
  4. What is the History of the World?
  5. What are the Best Critiques of Capitalism?

"A gilded No is more satisfactory than a dry yes" - Gracian

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