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Book 3 (Skin in the Game)

An intolerant minority will set the rules for everyone else. People in the U.S eat Kosher food not because most of the U.S is Jewish, but because non-Jews tolerate Kosher while Jews don’t tolerate non-Kosher. This asymmetry informs us about what will happen with GMO’s.  Companies can promote genetically modified food, but it only takes a minority of people to stop GMO’s from being ubiquitous.

Consider that transgenic-GMO eaters will eat non-GMOs, but not the reverse. So it may suffice to have a tiny percentage—say, no more than 5 percent—of an evenly spatially distributed population of non-genetically modified eaters for the entire population to have to eat non-GMO food.

But when it comes to democracy, a paradox emerges. Should a society that chooses to be tolerant, be tolerant about intolerance?

Kurt Godel noticed this logical error in the U.S Constitution while taking the naturalization exam. An intolerant minority can destroy a democracy and may eventually destroy our world. We need to be intolerant towards some minorities such as intolerant Salafism (which denies other people the freedom to choose their beliefs).

Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily LifeBook 3 (Skin in the Game) 1

"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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