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The Sweet Spot of Irrationality

What is Irrationality?

The confused man
The sweet spot of irrationality

Can irrationality be good?

If there was a complete convergence of behavior towards supreme rationality, what would the world look like? Would everyone be devoted to maximizing well-being, productivity, and the survival of their species – would anyone make art, music, or poetry?

After-all, there is nothing rational about spending your time creating art. People devote their lives to creating music have infinitesimally small chances of surviving – they are acting irrationally. They should, instead, get a job as an investment banker. There’s nothing glamorous about a life of a failed artist, and most people who try to live as artists do fail.

But what if it was the other way around? Irrationality is defined as not using “logic or clear-thinking”. But who’s not thinking clearly? Is it the person who devotes their lives to a meaningful pursuit that consists of the ordering of their consciousness and creative projects or is it the person who sacrifices engagement in the present, personal growth, spirituality, and art in favor of financial security, social status, and temporarily satiating material pleasures?

The answer depends on what you consider the most reasonable goal to pursue in the first place. Is it life satisfaction, happiness, survival, prosperity, reproduction, recognition, or bliss? And who decides?

Rationality (or clear thinking) is a form of presumptive circular reasoning. Logic, outside of a limited number of subjects, is predicated on subjective considerations. The man who values learning above all else will believe that research is the most rational course of action, the musician believes that composing a new tune is the road to rationality, while the investment banker insists the financial prosperity is the most rational goal to pursue.

Who is right?

The sweet spot of irrationality – is being rational enough to know which one of these goals you value the most and being irrational enough to believe that it is more rational than all other goals.

"Silence is the best expression of scorn" - G.B. Shaw

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